Stunning Cedar Creek Falls Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach - Stunning Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek falls is a beautiful spot in the Airlie Beach region that is often forgotten or left off the holiday list as the Whitsunday Islands of course capture most people's attention. However Cedar Creek falls are a local treasure that are definitely worth a visit! Not only a picturesque place to cool off, the area also plays host to native flora and fauna like adorable freshwater turtles and stunning native flowers.

The falls are located just a stone’s throw from Airlie Beach, and for those who are staying in the nearby town of Proserpine don’t panic as they are also easily accessible from there too. The easiest way to access the falls is by car. It’s a short 30 minute drive from Airlie Beach, offering a chance to take in the local scenery such as the iconic cane fields of far north Queensland and the tree life that makes up the Australian bush. Though if you don’t have access to your own vehicle there is no need to panic as there are other options available. There are several local tour companies that offer access to the falls with something to suit everybody and their budget, ranging from simple transfers to private guided tours.

Once you arrive at Cedar Creek falls the winding dirt track opens from the bush to a small easily accessible car park. The car park is just a short walk from the lagoon area at the bottom of the falls and although shoes are advised as the ground is a little rocky, the path is suitable for people of all abilities. Provided at the site are public toilets with a wide ease of access ramp, again catering for people of all abilities. Also available for public use is a picnic area with a table, chairs and rubbish bin to help keep the area pristine and beautiful. If you are thinking of bringing you pooch along too, dogs are more than welcome! However it is best to keep them on a leash as there is a range of native animals in the area, some of these animals posing a threat to your pets.

As the site is surrounded by native bush there is plenty of room to explore and paths to wander, though do be careful not to stray too far from the path as there is some less friendly wildlife in the area. On the other hand if it’s a little bit warm and you’re looking for a place to cool off the waters of the lagoon are beautiful and refreshing. The water is safe to swim in and an excellent way to freshen up.
Though the water may have a slightly brown colour to it this is a very natural process as the water picks up the tannins from the trees and shrubbery in the area. Inflatable pool toys are a great way to enjoy the waters in absolute style! Please do be mindful, although it may be tempting to jump or dive from the waterfall for your own safety this is strictly prohibited.

As mentioned earlier there is plenty of native wildlife to enjoy at Cedar Creek falls, from beautiful plant life to unique animals. Plant life in the area ranges from large Cedar trees, to Alexandra palms and even native orchids offering great photo opportunities. There are many animals in the area too ranging from curious lizards to beautiful butterflies, there is something for everyone. Goannas (Australian monitor lizards) are a common sight in the bush surrounding the lagoon and are very cool to see, though are easily frightened. If the area is quiet and calm you may get to see the shy freshwater turtles that inhabit the lagoon. The turtles are very calming to watch and certainly a treat when they appear. There are also many smaller animals in the area both in the water, like freshwater shrimp and small fish, and above the water, such as butterflies and crazy coloured ants! There are a few critters to be aware of however, being the Australian bush there is a chance of snakes so please be mindful when coming down to the lagoon and if exploring the bush tracks.

The best time to visit the falls is when it has been raining, as the waterfalls are in full action! During dry season or when it has been sometime between rains the falls themselves often dry up, however the lagoon below still remains, as do all the beautiful flora and fauna! Cedar Creek falls usually only has a few visitors in a day though during school holidays can be a little busier with people who are keen to check out the local treasure. When travelling to Cedar Creek falls its best to bring some drinking water, a towel, sunscreen, shoes if you are hiking, and some insect repellent to keep those pesky mosquitos at bay.

On a quiet day if you’re looking for something to do, why not come out and explore the hidden oasis of Cedar Creek falls?


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