Airlie Beach 15000ft Tandem Skydive

Airlie Beach  - 15,000ft Tandem Skydive

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? 

While planning your east coast journey, the idea of a skydive has probably come into play. Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays has some of the most awe inspiring sceneray in the world and is well known tours to the Great Barrier Reef, but have you ever considered seeing the reef by jumping out of a plane? The wonders of the Whitsundays and the coral reefs is known as world heritage listed and truly needs to be seen to be believed!

Skydive Airlie Beach offers two types of jump: tandem at 8,500ft, and tandem at 15,000ft. With a dropzone that gives you sky high views over the Whitsunday islands, we don’t think you can get a more breathtaking experience than that! 

The jump base is located 10 minutes away from the town of Airlie Beach, in the beautiful grounds of Conway National Park and offers free transfers to and from your accommodation, so all you have to worry about is waking up on time. It is suggested however that you allow half a day for this activity, so remember to plan the rest of your time in Airlie accordingly.

Included is:
A skydive with a wonderful, incredibly experienced instructor
Safety briefing and all the safety equipment
Personalised certificate, welcoming you to the skydiving world
3 months membership to the APF (Australian parachute federation)



Experience one of the world’s natural wonders by enjoying an exhilarating freefall that lasts around 60 seconds, and travel at a crazy 220km/h! Once the parachute has been pulled, you will soar through the skies for up to 7 minutes, with the reef, islands and beautiful blue water stretching out beneath as far as the eye can see.  For an additional cost you can have your whole experience filmed too, from climbing into the plane to the second you are back on earth, and keep the feeling alive forever!

The staff at SkyDive Airlie Beach will keep you safe, secure and guarantee you leave with a smile.

When planning your travel  journey, make sure you include a skydive at Airlie Beach. Not only is it going to be the most beautiful view you’ll find along the east coast, but the second your feet touch back down to reality, you will turn to whoever is nearest and say: “That was the best thing I’ve ever done!” 

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