8 Craziest Things To Do On The East Coast Of Queensland

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8 Craziest things to do on the East Coast of Queensland

Jump from a plane, explore the deepest ocean mysteries, get close to the biggest animal in the world - are these things on your ultimate life list? Start achieving some goals on your next trip to Queensland! Due to the natural wonders and variety of landscapes, the East Coast of the sunny state of Australia is the perfect place for doing all these unique experiences you always wanted. 

We made a list of the craziest things to do on the East Coast of Queensland to help you get ready for the amazing adventure you are about to begin! 

1. Skydive in Noosa and Airlie Beach

Noosa or Airlie Beach are probably two of the greatest places to jump from a plane! The adrenaline will stop your heart, your mind will blow and you will feel free as a bird. Imagine experiencing all these emotions with the most beautiful sceneries in the background.

If you choose to skydive in Noosa, you will see Bribie Island and Moreton Island while you fall and land in Coloom Beach.

On the other hand, on the Whitsunday Coast, you will get to see the great barrier reef from a completely different perspective, a panoramic view of the stunning islands and all the amazing blue shades of the ocean. For enquires about skydiving in Airlie Beach, over the heart of the Whitsundays Islands, click here.
2. Swim with Whales in Hervey Bay


It is possible to swim with these majestic mammals in Hervey Bay during whale season from July to October. During their migration to the Antarctic, every year, hundreds of Humpback Whales not only pass through but actually stop to rest and play in Hervey Bay. It is a life-changing moment realizing how small you are and interacting with the biggest animal in the world. 

Over the years, the Humpback Whales became incredible surprisingly curious, gentle and trusting. An experience of a lifetime that the professional team of Hervey Bay Dive Center guarantee. 
3. Land on Whitehaven Beach with a helicopter

Do you know how does it feel to land with a helicopter in Whitehaven Beach? Well, after the thrill of flying over the Whitsundays Islands, the landing is soft and relaxing. 

For sure the pictures and videos will look awesome from above but you will not want to miss any detail of this trip and probably forget about your phone. Seat next to the pilot and enjoy the moment! 

Most of the helicopter tours depart from Hamilton Island or Airlie Beach.

4. Sandboarding on Fraser Island

The largest sand island in the world hides many secrets and crazy creations of nature in its center. After a 40 minutes bush walk from the Eastern Beach of Fraser Island, you will suddenly arrive at a stunning place that looks like a dessert, with massive dunes, soft sand and a green oasis in the corner, Lake Wabby.

There is nothing more exciting than a speed race on these dunes!  Take a dip in the freshwater of Lake Wabby and relax before running to the top, start again and have fun like kids.

Pay attention to the dingoes footprinting that can be along the way! Find out more unique experiences in Fraser Island.

5. Get to the top of the Glass House Mountains

Created by 11 ranges, the Glass House Mountains are famous around hikers and outdoor adventurers. They are considered a unique natural phenomenon that deserves exploration. 

Mt Beerwah is the highest mountain and requires high fitness levels and rock climbing skills. Getting to the top takes around 3 to 4 hours and you will be rewarded with 350 breathtaking views. 

Due to its spiritual meaning and cultural respect, aboriginal people do not climb these mountains and ask visitors to do the same. 

6. Scubadive in the Great Barrier Reef


The abundant marine life of the Great Barrier Reef is the main reason why diving here should be on your bucket list. Not for nothing is considered the largest living structure on earth! 

You don´t need diving experience to be able to explore the underwater world of The Whitsunday Islands. There are plenty of tours departing from Airlie Beach that offer introductory diving for those willing to survey the Great Barrier Reef.
7. Get to the secret caves of Noosa National Park


It is not new that Noosa National park will take you to amazing places like the natural Fairy Pools, Tea Tree Bay or Alexander Bay. But not everyone knows about Paradise Caves, a hidden gem.

Paradise Caves are only accessible at low tide and to get there first walk north until the end of Sunshine Beach, where the big hill is, and go up the stairs to the first viewpoint. Once there, find the path that leads to the cliff face. You will need to scramble down so take good shoes and remember the tide must be extremely low. 

8. Watch the sunrise from a Hot Air Balloon on Gold Coast


Enjoy a spectacular view of golden beaches while the sun comes out from the horizon. There is nothing comparable with the incredible sensation of floating over Gold Coast, slowly leaving behind the building peaks and flying over Surfers Paradise beach.

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